HWh Energimegling AS -
independent energy brokerage company

HWh AS, situated in Bergen, Norway - established in 1996. Over the period up until present days, we have established ourselves as a major player/broker in the Nordic energy market being traded through the Nordpool/Nasdaq system. We have excellent broker/trader cooperation with all major players in this market - both domestically in the Nordic countries - as well as with traders (banks/energy funds/hedge funds/etc.) domiciled in the UK and on mainland Europe. Our services and pricing are fully competitive to terms being offered by all other brokers operating in this market. A small, but efficient multiskilled staff with long experience within all areas of this market,ensures that our clients and their business is taken care of in a professional manner.

Our marketshare is presently on the rise - even in a situation in which the general market is suffering a bit of a slowdown. We should especially draw attention to our brokerage of Cfd's in all Nordic areas - products in which we have specialized and is at present the dominant broker firm.

To ensure that all formal ties with our clients are well taken care of, we apply a "Broker Agreement" that is based on general terms set forth by Nordpool/Nasdaq. This agreement may be "tailor-made" to ensure that your special requirements are duly covered, as long as the general outlines are still in place.

In view of the above - should you be in the market for the services we have outlined, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details may be found elsewhere on our web-site.

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